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Each month we offer a mix of different worship styles because people connect to God in different ways. Three Sundays a month we have a traditional worship with prayers, readings, hymns, and a sermon. We have a monthly modified Quaker meeting in which worshipers sit in silence and let the Holy Spirit speak through them. Our monthly "At-table Worship" mimics first century worship. During that service, we sing hymns, listen to the scripture told as story, and then discuss our responses over light refreshments.


When a month has five Sundays, the fifth Sunday is dedicated to service. We will either listen to a speaker who will teach us about their ministry, or we will undertake a community service project.


Our services begin at 10:00 AM. 


Monday evenings we have a faith formation class over Zoom from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. These classes might be a Bible study or a book study. They typically are four Mondays, which enable us to offer a variety of topics.


Recent studies have been on the early Church through the book of Acts, selected writings of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Gospel according to Luke, the prophet Elijah as written in scripture and told through Mendelssohn’s oratorio, Elijah, the World Council of Churches document Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry, and some of the non-canonical gospels (aka books that didn’t make it into the Bible).


Throughout the year we also offer Bible study classes outside of Monday evenings.

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