Our theology is progressive and Jesus-oriented and rich with tradition.  We take the Bible seriously but not literally.  The preaching and teaching acknowledges that God is still speaking...and seeks to expand the conversation between God and God’s people. We strive to be an example of God's extravagant love through our lively and creative worship, music, and radical welcome.  We love God, and love our neighbors as ourselves through our caring, inclusive, supportive community.  Here committed Christians grow their faith while serving both the church and community.  While we are eclectic in our individual understandings of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible, we find both joy and challenge in our diversity and we practice respect for the many and varied ways in which God calls human beings and works within different lives.  Come "be the Church" and together we will take the church to the world!

We invite you to discover for yourself what makes this faith community both unique and special by participating with us in worship and fellowship!

May the God of love enfold you on your pilgrim journey.


Welcome all, worship God, grow in faith and love, and speak for justice, peace and the environment

We worship, serve, share and live life together so that God's love and justice will be made real.  

We are a growing group representing all kinds of people - young and old, gay and straight, families and singles, conservative and liberal - that values music and being together, and food!